When Your Pet Need Emergency Surgery?

Count on our 24-hour emergency pet clinics in Boulder or Westminster, CO

Your pet is experiencing a medical emergency and emergency surgery has been recommended.
You can turn to the veterinarians at Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic in Boulder, CO. or Northside Emergency Pet Clinic in Westminster, CO. Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic has been providing excellent services for pets since 1987. The veterinarians at Northside Emergency Pet Clinic have been helping pets since 1997. Reach out to our veterinarians now to get expert care for your furry loved one.

We're prepared for your pet's surgery

When you trust your pet's health to someone, you need to be sure they'll be in good hands. You can find out about our veterinarians on our About Us page. Our staff includes small animal veterinarians with years of experience in emergency surgery.

To talk to our trained staff in Boulder, CO call 303-440-7722.
To talk to our trained staff in Westminster, CO call 303-252-7722.