What to Expect for Your Emergency Patient Visit


  • Upon your arrival at the clinic, remain in your vehicle, and call us to check-in. If you have not filled out the admission form before arrival, please do so in the parking lot.
  • It is required that you wear a mask when interacting with members of our staff.
  • A member of our team will meet you outside. Please keep your pet's belongings (leashes, toys, blankets, etc.) with you. Personal belongings cannot be brought into the hospital.
  • Dogs: We ask clients with dogs to get out of their car and meet us on the sidewalk. We will use our own leash (or stretcher if necessary), to bring your pet inside. If your pet needs a stretcher, please let us know.
  • Cats: All cats must be in a carrier of some sort. Please hand the carrier to a member of our team.
  • Once your pet has been brought inside, they will receive an examination from one of our veterinarians.

Following this examination, a doctor will call you to discuss their recommendations.

  • We will present you with a treatment plan and associated costs at that time. Once approved, we will take a deposit.
  • After diagnostics and/or treatments have been performed, we will call you to discuss the results.
  • At discharge, we will provide you with discharge instructions. A team member will review these instructions with you over the phone and answer your related questions.
  • All payments will be taken over the phone, except for cash payments.

Wait Times:

  • We are currently experiencing high volumes of patients and extended wait times during peak days/times.
  • Emergencies can evolve rapidly, as with human hospitals, so we triage our patients based on their critical needs. Emergencies are not treated on a first-come, first-served basis, which can impact your wait time.
  • It can be hard to imagine what is happening inside the hospital, but please know we are doing everything in our power to see your pet as soon as possible. We encourage clients to call if you have new or changing concerns for your pet.

We reserve the right to refuse service if foul language or hostile/threatening behavior is demonstrated towards our staff. If this happens, we will refer you to another clinic that can accommodate you and your pet.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your beloved pet.